Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging Preparation for Beginner

Blogging is a kind of addictive activities for few people. Starting blogging just for hobby but then they find their self can’t leave blogging for one day. Some people find blogging is very hard, their stop blogging after few months since they are don’t know what to do after created their first blog. Here few tips to avoid you leave your blogging activities since you have no ideas anymore with your blog.

Setting up your blogging goal is very important because your goal will lead you as long as you are doing your blogging activities. You can set short and long term achievement for you blogging activities. Stick with your goal and always try to review what you are doing, what is work and not.

Blogging need such a lot of resources. Are you have something to share? What is you are going to share? Your daily activities? Your experiences if you are an expert? Or something else? Blogging is like a story telling, so you must have few stories to write for your audience.

Building your first blog, are you have all the skills to build your blog or you need someone to assist you to build your blog? Are you going to use free domain and free hosting like blogspot.com, wordpress.com, multiply.com, etc? or you are going to buy a paid domain and use a hosting firm for your blog?

Blogging will make you busiest then before because you need to manage your blog everyday. Writing articles, find the right images, answering comments, promoting and more and more. If you have limitation with your time you need to consider how many times you will up date your blog.

Creating a new relationship with other blogger and create a new network requires more time from you. No success bloggers are lonely blogger. Almost top bloggers have a wide networking in the internet.

These 3 factors will guide you to very enjoying blogging journey because as a blogger you need to have a commitment at the first time, if you don’t want to fail with your blogging journey.

This article written by Latief. He always write Simple Blogging Tips for blogger and help business owner to build business blog build business blog with his company called IndoWebSeo. Connect with Latief @ Facebook and His RSS Feed.

Share your comments below that how you are preparing for your blogs regularly. It will give us more ideas to improve our blogging. Have a Great day!!!

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